2016 Goals (and an update)

goals 2016

First, a quick note: I haven’t yet posted part 3 of the Feeding My Family series because I haven’t done a normal grocery shop since being on winter break! I promise that it will come shortly 🙂

It’s crazy hard to believe, but this will actually be my 6th or 7th annual posting of goals over the years here at TBP. I’ve done resolutions, Day Zero Projects, and anti-resolutions, but this year, I’ve decided to stick with goals as my term for the year because resolutions just don’t stick. It’s pretty normal for me to goal set at three different points in the year: the beginning of summer break, the beginning of the school year, and during winter break. I wouldn’t call them goals as much as course corrections and the product of a reflective life. I’ve also expanded my goals to include a “why” and steps to take to help achieve each goal, all thanks to reading up on Lara Casey’s Powersheets (I didn’t get to snag any before they sold out, but I really need to get my hands on these!). So here are my resolutions for the year, barring a couple of personal ones that I will keep just for myself.

  • Increase TPT paychecks by at least $500 per month.
    • To increase financial security
      • Make at least 10 new items per month
      • Add variations of popular products
      • Pay for upgrade to premium membership
  • Build French curriculum
    • Make job less time-consuming and more effective teaching
      • Build integral routines
      • Making lasting, effective plans
  • Significantly declutter house
    • Less anxiety and housekeeping burden – easiest achievable goal!
      • Start with basement
      • Go room by room
  • Regular workouts – running, ice skating, etc.
    • Long-term health and energy
      • Use what I have already
      • Little, consistent steps
      • Ice skating lessons begin end of February
  • Regular meditations
    • Purpose-finding and anxiety reduction
      • Find meditation guides to help start me on the right path
      • Write down what works to keep things going
      • Note any on-the-spot stress relievers
  • A LOT more water and less caffeine
    • My caffeine addiction is nearly insatiable and no longer helping
      • Increase water intake by at least 8 oz daily per week until at a normal amount (decrease caffeine intake by same amount)
  • More regular prayers and relationship with God
    • Spiritual health and longevity
      • Explore scientific-based Christian community (e.g. Biologos, theistic evolution, etc.)
      • Try to pray daily for others
      • Read more scripture
  • Waste less time on phone with meaningless stuff
    • Need healthier forms of escape and winding down
      • Limit to 10 minutes social media and 10 minutes gaming per day unless actually making a true connection (not just scrolling aimlessly)
  • Form better routines
    • Ward off anxiety and be more purposeful
      • Create morning and evening routines and STICK TO THEM – 21 days in a row to make new habits
      • Make rewards for attaining goals

I hope that seeing my goals helps you in making your own! Leave them in the comments below 🙂


4 thoughts on “2016 Goals (and an update)

  1. I have also been thinking about my 2016 goals! Here is my list:
    1. Find an eating plan that works for my lifestyle and stick to it! Drastically reduce my carb intake. Carbs are just evil.
    2. Increase my water intake. Ugh. This one is really hard for me! I’m going to try making fruit-infused water.
    3. Using my Fitbit to reach my fitness and health goals. I really love all the amazing feedback my Fitbit provides and I’m committing to reaching 10,000 steps/day.
    4. Creating and sticking to a financial budget, as well as utilizing my savings account.I don’t want to majorly stress any time something unexpected happens.
    5. Re-learn Spanish. It’s such a valuable skill and many employers are thrilled to hire someone who is bilingual. Bilingual = $$$!
    6. Practice my ukulele on a daily basis. It’s an absolute blast to play and I want to be proficient with an instrument besides the piano.
    7. Limit social media. I feel like I’m always on Facebook and I never quite know why. I don’t post often and most of what I read just upsets or irritates me. I’m going to delete the app from my phone.
    8. Meditate. I find that I’m drifting more and more away from ‘mainstream religion’ but I still yearn for a centering and calming ritual that will help me to focus and find peace.
    9. Discover a new hobby.Something that doesn’t involve eating or the internet. LOL!

    1. I can totally relate to most of those, C! Especially the Facebook comment. It’s like when you are standing in front of the fridge and you aren’t entirely sure why — you aren’t hungry, but you felt compelled to look inside anyway. Y puedo hablar pequito espanol con tu! 🙂

  2. Darn! I pressed ‘post comment’ before I was quite finished 🙂

    10. Find a job that I’m passionate about. Also, hopefully, something that pays better! Maybe this means going back to school?

    For Christmas I received a really cool journal called ‘Starting Today: A Journal of Intention and Change’ where you can write 1 daily intention every day for a year. I really want to take advantage of this journal and find something new to work on or think about each day. Okay, okay I’m done rambling now. Great posts lately!

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