La Classe de français: Multi-level Management

Not going to lie, I’m a tiny bit apprehensive about my new transition to teaching every student K-8. Not because I can’t do it, and not because I won’t rock it (oh, I will!) but because switching management styles throughout the day to use what works best at different age levels is, well, daunting. Luckily, I’ve taught 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade before, so that covers a large portion of my bases. I feel really comfortable with 3-12.

But what about those K-2ers? I feel fairly comfortable with them, and if I ever went back to K-5 teaching, those are the grades I’d prefer, but I realized my management needed a tune-up. So I trolled Pinterest (when am I NOT trolling Pinterest lol???) and came across this nifty site as a pin. I immediately lifted about, oh, four of the ideas and adjusted them for my own classes, then promptly bought and assembled all the necessary pieces.IMG_1299

 Let’s go from right to left. Mostly because I want to spread out the pictures in my post, haha. First up is Pastilles de pouvoir, which stems from Holly’s Power Pellets. These were easy to use because I don’t have to adapt them at all! I just hand out Skittles to kids who are following directions or doing the right thing. I got the container from Dollar Tree and it just fit a 42 ounce bag of Skittles. I love the spout lid on top for easy access and pouring without spreading too many germs.

Next is Solution d’intelligence, which Holly called Smart Spray. Littles are very superstitious and any kind of good superstition can only work for them! I like that I might be able to take away some of their apprehension about the language and any difficulties they perceive with the use of this bottle of glitter and water spray. I purchased the supplies at Dollar Tree, but I wish I would’ve found a bottle that was shaped differently because the label I made has all kinds of wrinkles from the Mod Podge, and alas, I’m a bit too much of a perfectionist for it not to bug me.

The last one pictured are Cailloux heureux, or Happy Rocks that Holly found on Kindergals. I have to adapt this a bit because it is made as an accumulating reward for a whole class, and I have 12 classes just from K-3 each week. That’s a bit much to keep track of for rewards. Anyone have suggestions for these? With the 2nd and 3rd graders, I can pass them out to hold onto in class when they do something kind or helpful (and maybe send them with the kids since they are so cheap!), but I worry that K’s and 1st graders will stick them somewhere or try to swallow them. Any suggestions? But they are super cute, n’est-ce pas?


I got the bucket from Party City for $1 and the flat glass rocks from Dollar Tree. Add some Sharpie faces and voilà!

The other tool I made (partially) is Pépites de silence, or Silent Sprinkles for encouraging students to quiet down in certain situations (you tape the openings with clear tape so it sounds like sprinkles without the mess – genius idea, Holly!). I mixed the rice and glitter in a bag, but I could not find a darn large shaker anywhere! I seriously looked at four different stores. And then, in the pasta aisle at Wal-Mart, I had an epiphany: I can use a Parmesan cheese shaker! Sadly, we don’t eat that kind of Parmesan cheese, but my dad saves those containers for his garage and he put one aside for me. Once I pick it up and Mod Podge the label on, I’ll update this post with a picture.

BONUS! (I feel like Oprah yelling on her show about presents!)

Are you a French teacher? Do you WANT these labels? Great, download them here and enjoy them!

Do you have any other amazing tools for managing classes among multiple grade levels? I’d love to hear them!



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