I’ve been hesitating to really make my invitation hobby into an actual business, despite the prodding a of friends, family members, and strangers who have ordered from me in the past. I am finding two issues – a lack of confidence in my abilities, and a fear off all the legal stuff.

Really, if I have any hope of making this blog into what I have always seen as my vision, I need to get over my confidence issues. If people like them, they like them. If they don’t, oh well. It isn’t like I keep physical inventory that I have to worry about.

The legal issues, however, are a completely legitimate and scary thing to face. Trying to sort out all of the tax and licensing pieces for real estate was extremely difficult even with the help of my amazing brokerage, and this time I’d be applying for completely different things, completely alone. (PS I miss real estate! I just don’t have the time to get back into it right now. Hopefully in a year or two I can add it back into the mix.)

I luckily haven’t yet crossed the murky legal lines yet (one of the reasons I closed down my Etsy shop temporarily), so I decided to start my research in the hopes of being able to grow my blog and business significantly next year. I’ve just finished Blog, Inc. and I am working on Creative, Inc. now.

Any freelancers or professional bloggers have advice as I begin this journey?



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