Christmas Photos, Bower Power Style

A few years ago (I want to say early 2009?) my amazing friend and diamond sister, Tammy, introduced me to Young House Love (then This Young House) and I fell in love. I’ve been reading John and Sherry’s blog daily ever since and aspire to their awesomeness in DIYing and remodeling. Through this blog, I found a link to All Bower Power and had to check it out (especially since my maiden name is Bauer, pronounced the same but spelled differently!). Katie Bower is so funny and cute and she’s been on my daily blog list for a long time, too, which is exactly why I have to share her with you.

In addition to being quirky and awesome at decorating, Katie is a balling photog and she is definitely generous with her pics of little Will (which help inspire me to take my own of Clark!) so when she posted a list of must-take Christmas pictures, I totally jumped on the bandwagon. Check out her post and let me know which pictures you’ll be taking this year, even if you don’t have little ones!

(picture courtesy of All Bower Power, please click the image and visit Katie’s site!)


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