September Goals!

It’s time to revive monthly goals posts! We all know that writing down your goals helps you feel more accountable to making them happen (and A may just kill me via phone if I don’t actually achieve them, haha) so I feel like revisiting this practice might help me move my blog from flatlined to a steady 90 bpm (L – that one is for you!).

  • Finish another 20 pages in Clark’s first year scrapbook. I actually just started this thing for the first time since he was born a few weeks ago with them help of S’ scrapbooking party, and now I feel like maybe I can accomplish finishing it soon! Now if I could only start our wedding/honeymoon scrapbooks….
  • Pay off all bills for September and October. This one shouldn’t be hard as I have a hopeful closing in the next week or so as well as the possibility of some temp jobs coming up that may help us pay the bills even further out! Of course, I say that, and I already have the car paid off until November and the car insurance paid until December, so really, almost half of our bills are already taken care of!
  • Get my first listing up and running! I have the listing appointment on Wednesday with an amazing, inspiring seller. I wish I could tell you more, but for confidentiality reasons, I can’t. So excited for this one! I’ll post links to the MLS even though this isn’t a real estate blog.
  • Post on TBP once a week, all month. I know it isn’t much, but it’s a start.
  • Do posts of Clark’s first birthday party (and all the fun stuff I created, including some tips on using the new Wilton Sugar Sheet line!) and a tour of our room/Clark’s room at my parents’ house. Heck, I may do a tour of most of the house if they’ll let me. We’ve had to really crunch and come up with some creative solutions to make the most of our 150 square foot chunk (not including Clark’s room) and everyone has had to sacrifice, so I think it would be neat to count our blessings and share.
  • Check something off my DZP list or at least start something from my DZP list.
  • Finish my grad school application. I know, I said at the beginning of this year that I wasn’t applying, but A) we’re not ready to start paying on my student loans yet; B) we thought I would be teaching a gazillion hours a week still and C) I still really love French, even if I’m not using it much, and a free degree is fine with me! I probably won’t be able to start until December, but that’s okay.
  • Finish my current MA portfolio. I don’t really have a choice in this one – it’s due on October 1st. This will effectively give me an MA in Education (which I won’t officially receive until December).
  • Make a list of possible projects for TBP that are HOUSE RELATED! Woo! Getting back to my original blogging purpose! Of course, it helps that I’m becoming more of an expert everyday at my new amazing job.

We all know that only about half of these will actually come to fruition, so keep me accountable, people! Insert gratuitous picture here:


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