Day Zero Update

I’ve made some progress (albeit not much) on my DZP list! Here are some of the updates:

12. See a show (play, musical, symphony, ballet) with Jason.

3/2011 – Pops Goes Celtic, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Music Hall

18. Throw Clark an awesome 1st birthday party.

In Progress: Yo Gabba Gabba !

I’m so excited for this one! I’ve already got a lot of things planned and have started slowly making the materials. It should be awesome.

31. Pay off all debt (except student loans).

In Progress: Two more bills to go! Lots paid off!

We’ll be able to pay off everything else plus my car in June and then start working on the student loans and saving a down payment for a house.

36. Get my credit score up to a certain number (sorry :-) keeping this private!).

In Progress: half way there!

As we’ve paid things off, the score keeps climbing and climbing and our future mortgage interest rates keep getting lower and lower…

79. Find a wine that I love.

Blackberry wine! Apparently I don’t like wine made from grapes…

93. Get my students to see outside of their bubbles.

3/17 – I’m going to call this one a win after an in-depth culture talk today.

100. Love my job passionately.

In Progress: More to come soon!

This one is the key for me. There are several things  working right now which I can’t talk about, but I’ll be making an announcement hopefully next week sometime, depending on a couple factors. Needless to say, I’m already very excited and very happy! Oh, and my DZP list is going to change a bit.


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