DZP #45: Drink only water for a week straight

Tomorrow, I’m starting my DZP list item 45 – drink only water for a week straight. Well, to be honest, I’m not going to drink only water, because the spirit of this one is to not drink any pop for a week. I’m telling myself that one glass of milk and/or one glass of juice a day is also fine because the spirit is to help my general health and fitness, and neither of those things are bad for you (I’m one of those dorks that only likes 100% juice with no added sugar, by the way. Or V8 Fusions – love that stuff!).

To help me on my quest, Target happened to have exactly what I was looking for on sale this week:

This is the Bobble Water Bottle. It’s a self-filtering bottle that lasts for 40 gallons (or about 284 fill-ups). The filters are inexpensive – $7 for two, and the starter bottle is on sale this week at Target for $9. Did I mention that it’s made out of recycled plastic and had no BPAs? This is one super cute and eco-friendly bottle! Maybe now I won’t mind drinking the metallic water from the school fountain 😉


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