1001 Days

Did you all know that the Day Zero Project went belly up? I tried to log in to the website today to start over, and it’s a generic hosting site. Boo. *Update: Their Twitter page says it’s due to extremely high traffic and will be up and running again soon.*

I started a Day Zero Project list last year, but this was (very) shortly before I found out I was pregnant and our lives completely changed. My list was using the assumption that we wouldn’t have kids for a least five years (and therefore everything was doable in that time period). My new list is taking into account our major life changes.

I don’t have all 101 things worked out, but I do have a date – September 26, 2013. That is 1,001 days from tomorrow (which begins in less than two hours from when I started this post). Some of my goals are little and goofy; some of them are pretty large and possibly not doable. Here’s what I have (and let’s cross our fingers that WordPress’ numbering bullets will actually work this time):


1. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

2. Visit two new states.

3. Visit another country.

4. Visit Beth and Ryne way up yonder where they live.


5. Take Clark to the beach.

6. Read to Clark every night for a month straight.

7. Watch fireworks somewhere special on the Fourth of July.

8. Write a letter to Clark for when he goes to college.

9. Take Clark for swim lessons.

10. Go camping.

11. Build a snowman with Jason and Clark.

12. See a show (play, musical, symphony, ballet) with Jason.

13. Attend midnight showing release of HP7.2.

14. out of town to a bed and breakfast.

15. Find a mutually-liked church and go regularly.

16. Plan something special for Jason’s 30th birthday.

17. Take a spontaneous trip.

18. Throw Clark an awesome 1st birthday party.

19. Make a new family holiday tradition.

20. Go to a Reds’ game.

21. Take Clark to a drive-in.

22. Take Clark to Disneyworld.

23. With Jason, teach Clark to read.

24. Make cookies as a family.


25. Save $5k.

26. Save $10k.

27. Save $15k.

28. Save $20k.

29. Pay our student loans down to less than $100k (Yes, I know! Yikes!).

30. Buy a house.

31. Pay off all debt (except student loans).

32. Don’t spend any extra money (aka anything that isn’t bills, gas, or groceries) for a month.

33. Save $5 for every item completed.

34. Pay off my car.

35. Put $100 in savings for each item not completed by the end of the 1,001 days.

36. Get my credit score up to a certain number (sorry 🙂 keeping this private!).

Health and Fitness

37. Lose 5 pounds.

38. Lose 10 pounds.

39. Lose 25 pounds.

40. Lose 50 pounds.

41. Learn to run a mile continuously.

42. Learn to run a 5k continuously.

43. Compete in a 5k and finish.

44. Go to the gym 3 times in a week for 6 weeks.

45. Drink only water for a week straight.

46. Get at least 7,000 steps on my pedometer for 2 weeks straight.

47. Do 10 real pushups in a row.


48. Dine at a five star restaurant.

49. Buy myself something nice for losing 25 pounds.

50. Find the perfect Little Black Dress.

51. Learn how to use my Nikon on “manual”.

52. Make a piece of furniture.

53. Clear out all the “junk” songs that are bad recordings, duplicates, or just plain terrible from my music library.

54. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years.

55. Make a piece of lettered artwork full of things that make me happy.

56. Be a part of Improv Everywhere or something similar.

57. Learn to speak basic German enough to converse with my family.

58. Make a home inspirations binder.

59. Get TBP back up and running with regular posts at least twice a week.

60. Buy footie pajamas.

61. Treat myself to two spa services in one day.

62. Shop at Findlay Market.

63. Visit a vineyard.

64. Read the entire Bible.

65. Ice skate outdoors.

66. Try 20 new cheeses.

67. Leave a 100% tip on a restaurant bill of at least $7.

68. Make a wedding/honeymoon scrapbook.

69. Finish Clark’s baby book scrapbook.

70. Have a booth at a craft show.

71. Go horseback riding.

72. Write 100 things I like about myself (doesn’t have to be all at once).

73. Mail out Christmas cards.

74. Make a submission to DeviantArt.

75. Take a fun class — cooking, photography, etc.

76. Count my blessings and meditate on my life every night for 5 minutes before bed.

77. Have 200 visitors in one day to TBP.

78. Sell something on Etsy.

79. Find a wine that I love.

For Others

80. Volunteer at a hospital or become a part-time medical translator.

81. Send a care package to a random soldier.

82. Volunteer at RMH without NHS.

83. Skype with my friends who live away.

84. Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.

85. Write a random “you inspired me” letter.


86. Help a student pass the AP test.

87. Finish my Master of Arts in French.

88. Finish writing my teaching book.

89. Make an honest attempt to sell said teaching book.

90. Finish all the books on the MA reading list and make a “cheat sheet” for each.

91. Make myself up for school everyday for a month (as in, fix hair properly and do makeup!).

92. Present a professional development session.

93. Get my students to see outside of their bubbles

94. Have all lessons and materials prepared two weeks in advance at some point during the school year.

95. Get my Rank 1.

96. Teach a college class.

97. Grade all papers in the same day for two weeks.

98. Get out of bed a half hour early for a whole work week.

99. Get accepted to the Master of Arts in French program at UC.

100. Love my job passionately.


101. Make a new 101 list.


2 thoughts on “1001 Days

  1. i have a DZP as well, and it’s progressing…. there’s one that i never started on (cook once a month for all 29 months of the project) so i guess that’s $5 to charity for one i didn’t complete! at this point, i’ve gotten so busy with other things that i just keep putting it off… but here’s to resolving in 2011 to work on more of my goals!

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