Well, slap me on the butt and call me Harry!

I’m such a liar, although not an intentional one. I was just too busy on Tuesday to write because of some impending grad school finals, and yesterday the internet at the house was being sooooo uncooperative! I was going to do a “twelve days of Christmas” post, but alas.

So let’s talk about Christmas! So far this week, we’ve received two presents in the form of snow days (with the possibility of a third tomorrow). There is nothing better than staying home with the family and catching up on all the things I’ve not been able to do for quite some time. Like continue watching Stargate SG-1, or blog, or create a Facebook group for my classes. I’ve been working on my application for a second Master of Arts degree, this time using my first love (French!). I have not, however, been making the last final I need to give, or grading the mountain of assignments that need tending to. I figure that snow days are God’s little gift to teachers to give us a tiny break. And I have plenty of time to grade over winter break.

We’re anxiously awaiting Clark’s first Christmas. Who cares if he’s not old enough to really participate? Who cares if he won’t remember it? We still have some cute things picked out. Because we still have plenty of clothes and supplies for him, we didn’t bother going overboard for Christmas, so we just got three gift, and two of those are toys. Here’s what we got:

I absolutely LOVE Bumble from Rudolph, so this was a must, especially because the eyes are giant bubble googly eyes! Gotta love Crazy 8 (the cheaper version of Gymboree).

This is the Glow and Soothe Seahorse, and all of my mama friends have recommended it! It’s a plush seahorse that has very short-haired fabric so that Clark can sleep with it without any fear of SIDS, and it’s tummy glows as it plays a soft set of lullabies and ocean sounds. I can’t wait to let Clark sleep with this each night!

This is My Pal Scout from Leapfrog, and he’s a customizable puppy (they have My Pal Violet for girls). Scout can learn/say/spell Clark’s name and favorite things with a simple update via USB. He’s pretty darn nifty.

So that’s our short Christmas list for Clark. We figure that we’ll spoil the poop out of him next year when he actually knows what’s going on.

I will post a couple of things about some special presents after Christmas, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise for those that are receiving the gifts!


2 thoughts on “Well, slap me on the butt and call me Harry!

  1. Wonderful choices! I approve of only buying things a kid will need or use a lot for them for Christmas when they’re young (i.e. “not going overboard”). It’s very silly, especially because from next year or the year after, until they’re 10 or so, is when the fun and “magic” really happens (and when they want the most).

    I actually know families (the Wilsons) who still don’t buy their kids much for Christmas, but they make their choices very carefully, even in what they tell the grandparents to buy (although I’m sure the grandparents do what they want, if they’re like my family). The kid is allowed to pick one toy they particularly want, then they get them things that they know they’ll love, but that will also improve their skills. For instance, I know they bought their daughter Sophie a digital camera that kids can use, as she had been trying to learn to take pictures with the (nice) family camera. Not only does she love it, but they can make scrapbooks of pictures from a Sophie-view of the world.

    1. We’ll probably be a bit like the Wilsons, although I doubt my mother will ever listen to me and not spoil Clark. Not that I blame her, though 🙂 He still ended up with a ton of toys and clothes for Christmas, and we did end up getting him just two or three more things, but they were all little stocking stuffers. I’m glad we decided not to go crazy because I don’t know where we would’ve put everything!

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