I love the Bowers over at All Bower Power, but darn it, Katie! They now have the same layout as me. I’ve been trying hard not to copycat any of the major blogs I read like ABP or YHL, but I guess I’ll just be a copycat for awhile (at least until I can afford to customize my blog, that is).


2 thoughts on “Ahhhh!!!

  1. i don’t think hers looks like yours at all. is there something i’m missing?

    also, LOVE the new signature line! how did you do that?

    1. The font style, sidebar, and background are exactly the same. That’s the only thing that I don’t like about WordPress – you have to pay extra to customize your blog, and seeing as I don’t make money off it, I can’t justify the extra expense each year (or at least not right now). Open them side-by-side and you’ll see just how similar they are. She used to use a theme that was blue and green and laid out differently.

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