Recipe Showcase: Banana Bread

If you have been a reader for awhile, you’ll remember my disastrous attempt to make homemade bread. I haven’t attempted any type of bread since (partially due to fear and partially due to 1st trimester nausea at every.single.smell) but I figured a dessert bread would be safe. I had half a bunch of bananas that were too ripe for my liking and my students recommended that I make banana bread out of it. Thank you, students!

I used this recipe from – just a note, 2 1/3 cups of mashed bananas is around 4.5 medium-sized bananas. I have to say, it turned out really well. It was tasty and didn’t look too bad, either 😉 So now that I’ve got my mojo back, maybe I’ll start making some other breads. Anyone have a good whole-wheat flour bread recipe?


4 thoughts on “Recipe Showcase: Banana Bread

  1. Hmm. I might have to try this one, because I’m convinced my recipe is the absolute best. Or I could give you mine to try and you can let me know which is better. 😉

    I’m also a big fan of coating the loaf pan with a cinnamon-sugar mixture after spraying it with Pam, and then topping the batter with the same mixture before baking. It makes it just a tad sweeter.

  2. omg, a nut-free banana bread recipe?! YES!! my dad enjoys squishy bananas (like, the peel is black and it’s a few minutes away from attracting those annoying gnats, squishy), but he rarely eats them. and since my mom is allergic to bananas, a lot of ours do get overripe. finally, i have something to do with them (and something to practice my baking skills with!)

    fun fact: the molecule combination that makes bananas taste banana-y is very, VERY close to the molecular structure for the latex polymer. so much, in fact, that my mom, who has a latex allergy, is cross-allergic to bananas because her body can’t tell the difference. so no banana bread for mommy =[

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