Reader Weigh-In: Sweet Summertime

What do you think of when you hear summertime? My very first thought goes to Kenny Chesney’s song and driving down a country road with the windows down in Jason’s truck. But what other images come to mind? I decided to consult the Google monster to see what other people thought. Here are some pictures from “summertime”:

But what about your home? So I googled “summertime home”, and here is what I found:

What makes you think of home in the summertime? Do you have any pictures to share that show what you think of?


One thought on “Reader Weigh-In: Sweet Summertime

  1. home in summer:

    hot. no, really effing hot. also, snowballs, driving my dogs in my car, sitting at the lake to watch the boat race and treating myself to mani-pedis.

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