May Goals

Here’s a quick pic taken at our local butterfly show to brighten the blog:

Not too shabby for a beginning photographer, huh? And the best part is that this was one of the few photos that I didn’t have to color edit at all!

Since I’ve summed up how April went, it’s time to make some goals for May. May is a tremendously busy month for me as it marks the end of grad school (I have so many thing due Monday! Ahhh! I probably shouldn’t be blogging right now 😦 ) and wrapping up an entire school year for over 100 kids. Sigh. So my goals are going to be accordingly smaller for May as to make them a bit more attainable.

Without further ado, my May goals:

  • Move two of the oriental grass bushes to the opposite side of the house to prepare for the new deck.
  • Help Jason do the prep work for the deck (don’t worry, I won’t overexert myself).
  • Clean out Clark’s closet.
  • Keep decluttering!
  • Post plans for deck and storage shed.
  • Keep taking pictures 🙂

Not too many goals, and not too lofty, but since I know it’s going to be extremely busy this month, these are more than enough.


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