In Our House: Instant Coffee Table

First of all, a big apology to my blog readers. I promise I didn’t forget about you — my hard drive died! After some searching, I was able to find a (bigger, better) replacement hard drive for a decent cost. Today, I was able to replace everything, and hopefully with my dad’s help I’ll be able to recover all of my old files from the other hard drive. And if you haven’t backed up your files lately (especially your pictures!), take a minute to do so. Trust me, it’s important.

Onto the post! We inherited wonderfully comfortable overstuffed couches when we moved to this house, and while we love their comfy charm (but not their patterned fabric!), we were used to having a coffee table instead of an ottoman. Don’t get me wrong, we love our ottoman. Most of the time, we use it more than we would a coffee table, but if people come over, we only have one end table to use for our drinks/etc.

Thus came a great solution. We received a breakfast-in-bed tray for the wedding that gets used sometimes when I can con Jason into treating me to a lazy Sunday afternoon. One evening, I spotted it sitting out when we were expecting company. One quick second of styling on the ottoman and instantly we had a coffee table! I generally keep a basket for the remotes as well as a few magazines and/or books out, as well as two coasters, but any of these items can be easily removed to allow room for hors d’oeuvres or wine glasses.

Not bad for a no-dollar fix, eh?


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