Recipe Showcase: Chocolate Chip Cookies

When I think of comfort foods, I think of warm chocolate chip cookies and milk. So when I was searching through recipes in my 1950 Betty Crocker Picture cookbook, this was naturally one of my first choices for making dessert.

Isn’t she a beauty? Sure, she’s got some cosmetic flaws, but for almost 60 years old, I don’t think she’s half bad! In the inside, the pages are still pristine, complete with substitutions and detailed explanations of some of the more complicated cooking techniques.

This is a fifth printing of the first edition! Talk about a piece of history 🙂

The set up of this cook book has basic recipes at the top of each page and substitutions/changes/advanced techniques below. Apparently, the original Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe comes from a base recipe called Sugar Jumbles.

Here’s some of the dough after I had spooned and placed a few batches in the oven. It was really har

Mmmm, look at those wonderful cookies! They didn’t spread out as much as I wanted (I couldn’t find the baking soda so that is why) but they were good. I also made the mistake of using dark brown sugar instead of light brown sugar, which made them taste different, but they were still great! I actually liked the taste better. Needless to say, they didn’t last long.


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