Wedding Update – Part Two

Here are some pictures from the ceremony and reception. First, me walking down the aisle with my dad:

Jason waiting at the altar.

Laura reading scripture.

Saying our vows!

Someone got a great picture of the pew decor!!!

Man & Wife – our first kiss as a married couple 🙂

Picture of the entrance to the reception hall:

Our grand entrance.

There is my Superman!!!

Our first dance! Yay for not middle school dancing 🙂

Me and my daddy dancing.

Jason and Momma Bear dancing.

Jason getting the garter. He was sooo goofy and made a big scene.

Wow, so many ladies trying to get that bouquet. I thought a fight was going to break out!!!

Tammy caught the bouquet 🙂

Daniel, the 12 year old who caught the garter, putting it on Tammy. Of course, he tried to stop here but Tammy made him put it above the knee. Nice.

Our gorgeous cake! Claudette did an amazing job, and I love how well the cake topper works.

Us smashing cake in each other’s face. Jason really wanted to do this, but I didn’t want to. Finally, as we were getting ready to do the cutting, Jason said, “pleeeeeeease,” and I said it was fine as long as it stayed around my mouth and didn’t get in my hair.

A picture of our low centerpiece! Gorgeous!

Some of my wonderful sisters!


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