Living Room Wonderfulness

Sorry to post so much today!

My bridal shower has also inspired me to start another project – redoing the living room!

Now, we don’t have the money to go purchasing a bunch of furniture, etc. so this will have to be done through smaller pieces and other tricks. Here is my living room mood board:

Let me explain the different pieces you see.

Sofa – This is a slip cover! Because we have cats, we can’t use the stretchy kind. That means to get it to fit and look good, I will have to put it on the couch inside out, pin it, sew it, and put it back on. This seems like a lot of work but to get a good looking fit, it’s worth it.

Pillows – Each of the pillows you see is again, a slipcover. The ivory ones are actually European shams (pillow slipcovers don’t come large enough for the big pillows on our couch, but these do!). The other three pillows are slipcovers for our smaller accent pillows.

Window Coverings – You see three different window coverings in the mood board – dark bamboo roman blinds (that the cats can’t break!), sheer ivory panels to go underneath, and dark cocoa draperies to go on the top.

Furniture – We received one of the table and lamp pictured for my bridal shower. YAY! (DId I mention that our current end tables are wooden crates from chemicals???) That means we only need another set. Other than that, the only furniture we need is a larger DVD case and a better coat rack.

Accent Pieces – I only put a few accent pieces on this mood board because we’ve been fortunate enough to receive some nice pieces for gifts the last year or so, like a beautiful large painting and a set of 24″ blue ceramic votive pillars. The pieces I felt like we were missing were a collection of frames/shelf, something branchy (since our entire wedding is based on fall branches), and a navy blue throw to go on the couch and tie it all together. Add a ceiling lamp that coordinates with our table lamps (we have a hookup in our ceiling that isn’t being used!) and it’s perfect!

Hope you like our dream living room – pretty but livable and simplistic.


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