Back in the Saddle Again!

Well, after four weeks of “off time” and much research, I’m finally back in the running saddle!

You might remember that I was having problems with charlie horses in the fronts of my calves, especially in the right calve. It turns out that it all had to do with my posture! Apparently I was lurching forward as I ran and jutting my chin out, too. It threw off the alignment of my spinal chord and made me put too much stress on the front of my legs. It’s also why after a few years of no problems my patello-femoral pain syndrome in my left knee started bothering me again (although I still have the arthritis issue).

I’m happy to report that my run today, my first run in four weeks, was abnormal-pain free! I even think I had an easier time breathing! I decided to do only eight cycles today instead of the normal ten, but I didn’t want to overdo it on the first time back out. I’ll try keeping it at that the next two or three runs, then amping it up to Run2/Walk1!

On the flip side (and related to my facebook status) I got out my colorguard rifle today to work my arms. I did about 200 spins on each side and lots of singles, doubles, and triples. Then I started throwing 5’s and 6’s that I knew I couldn’t catch just to get my deltoids working a bit. Then at the end, like an idiot, I threw a 5.5 and tried to catch it. Did I mention that I didn’t have gloves on and that I haven’t touched my rifle in a few years????

Needless to say, when you don’t take the necessary precautions, you get hurt. That 5.5 came down on my right hand in just the wrong spot, landing right on the bone that connects your first finger to your palm. At first I was worried it might be a hairline fracture because it hit pretty hard (I’ve always had a lot of fast rotation in my spins), but now it’s pretty plain to see that I busted a blood vessel. Still pretty painful, but not nearly as bad. So needless to say, I’ve now found my gloves and will definitely use them the next time.


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