Quick Tip: Toddler Food Ideas

If you are like me, you sometimes struggle with helping the person who takes care of your toddler (that’s so weird to say! He’s not a baby anymore!) with ideas for food, or sometimes you just need a mind re-load, especially when you are eating something they can’t chew yet! After searching, I made this one page sheet to help me and my grandma (who takes care of Clark during the day) have a little reminder of what to make if we are out of ideas. Now, this is not the end-all-be-all list, and it doesn’t represent the only foods we feed our little one (not by a long shot!), but rather a “cheat sheet” to hang on the fridge for a quick idea. Hope it helps someone out there! (Oh, and one more quick note, the fluids are what were recommended by our doctor – you do what’s best for your child and what your doctor says. They wanted him to have four 6 oz. bottles a day and limited juice.)

Toddler’s Eating Schedule

Quick Tip: Keeping the Bathroom Clean

Speaking of bathrooms, I set my facial cleaning cloth aside once I’m done removing my makeup and then wipe the sink out with it after I am done with my nightly routine. This 20-second step makes cleaning my bathroom so much easier and makes the bathroom seem nicer in between cleanings. And here’s the brand I use in case you are wondering.

Quick Fix: Above the Fridge!

This is one of my first DIY house related posts, inspired by my absolutely favorite bloggers, John and Sherry at Young House Love. If you haven’t checked this site out yet, go now! Then return afterward to this post to tell me what you thought 🙂

We have a remarkably small fridge for a house. I’m fairly sure it’s between 14 and 16 cubic feet on the inside. The fridge is only about 5 feet tall, and because of this, a lot of things get thrown on the top of it that shouldn’t. Today I cleaned off the top of the fridge and put my new entertaining items on the top for easy access (thanks to everyone who came to my bridal shower!). After I put everything up there, it just looked blah. I didn’t like that we could see everything!

I had used a waaaaaaaaay too long curtain previously, so I dug around the closet for it and the spring tension rod that went with it. We are lucky? to have a half wall next to the fridge to support this rod. I grabbed my showing machine, folded the fabric over, and one straight stitch later – voila!

Here is a picture of everything with the curtain pulled back. Notice the set of hooks on the left side? Those used to be next to the stove, but I moved them next to the fridge to hold our mop, broom, dustpan, and my new aprons (so I don’t ruin my good clothes while cooking, which happens a lot).

This is just the first of several projects to come! I’m sure after the wedding, we will have a lot more motivation to change things, kind of like the new entertaining pieces inspired me to do this project.