Life on the Farm

On Father’s Day, we went to my grandfather’s farm and of course I brought my camera. I’m still really practicing to try to get good at taking pictures. Apparently, my strength seems to be in up-close shots of flowers in natural lighting. Anything else turns out kind of…. crappy lol. I decided to work on some more broad-range outdoor shots this time, and they didn’t turn out too bad! Not as good as my flower shots, but oh well. And I would’ve gotten a lot more horse pictures had I not been an idiot and forgot to disable the flash (I didn’t think it would go off outside!) and spooked the horses. I only got one “front” shot because I was afraid to stay in the pen with them after I spooked them, which is why the rest of the shots are butt shots. Now if I could just take semi-decent indoor shots/people shots, I’d be good to go. Poor little Clark, he’s going to have a paparazza for a mother as he will soon become my guinea pig 🙂

A small sampling of shots:


Reader Weigh-In: Art for Clark?

Obviously, my number one project right now is finding all the perfect pieces for Clark’s future home, and I’ve been trying to find some art to work. My question is this: Would the print below (one of my recent photography pieces) look good for a nursery? I was thinking in a dark wood frame, either with or without a white matte? What do you think?