Summer Bucket List 2013

Last year’s Summer Bucket List post was one of my most popular on TBP, and still gets traffic. I knew I definitely wanted to do it again, not only because of popularity, but because Clark is so interactive right now! So, without further ado, here is our Summer Bucket List for 2013. I’ll periodically post pictures of some of the things we do. These may not apply to you, and some of them are very, very simple, but my goal this year was to take pleasure in the small things in life and to stop and enjoy these moments that we all skim over in taking them for granted. Click on the image for the high-res version. I hope you enjoy our list!

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New Year’s Review: Goals for 2013

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I’ve been reflecting on past posts, both top views and favorites, to start off the New Year, but what about where I want to go? After all, reflecting is only useful if it helps inform what you are going to do next (or so all of my teacher training tells me).

Last year was a great blogging year for me, but it could’ve been much better if I had been more consistent and published better content, more often. So with that in mind (and keeping the realities of the upcoming year in check, too), I’ve developed a list of goals for 2013.

  • One good post a week, focusing on content and pictures. Obviously, posts will be sparse once Colin is born for a few weeks, but if I start putting up good content, it will drive everything else on the blog.
  • 20,000 views. This is over a 50% increase from last year, but it breaks down to about 54 views a day, which really is quite little compared to the “big blogs”. Again, with great content, and the marketing I’ve already done on Pinterest/Facebook, this should be easily achievable!
  • Decide if this is the year to jump into business. Do I want to finally take the paid sponsorship/giveaway plunge? I’ve had a tiny bit of interest for some giveaways by people other than myself, but I’ve been hesitant to take that next step because it requires quite a bit of financial background work. Same thing with my invitation business.
  • Make this blog an extension of my life. I love love love this blog – it’s my third child, after all – but I often don’t take the time to nurture it or share some of my life events because I don’t feel they would be worthy. Duh, they totally are! The best blogs out there share the mundane (aka: cute and genuine) stuff right along side with the big stuff. I’ve learned a lot from some of the smaller, successful blogs out there (seriously, click the link to DIE over how hilarious and awesome Bon is!) over the last few months and all I can think is how much less stressful life would be if it were more integrated. Consider it done.

Last year, I also added DZP goals, but life has changed so much in the 2.5 years since I made that list, that I know most of them will not be completed. Boo. But hey, it expires in September, so we can start over again! Or maybe I’ll even start over in the next few weeks to symbolize the new year. After all, it has been almost the entire time and we have crossed off quite a few items!

What are your goals for 2013?


The Big To-Do List

Update: Don’t want to search for this list every time you need to see it? I’ve added a dedicated remodeling page!

Get ready for a mammoth of a list. Seriously.

While we aren’t redoing all the things we’d like to with Grandma’s house (because we’re renting, not buying, so we’re just doing upgrades to help her sell – which means that we’re adding a half bath instead of a full bath that requires removing an exterior door, and forgoing tons of upgrades such as moving the wall between the two bedrooms to even out the size, gutting the kitchen, gutting the bathroom, finishing the basement, and adding a large deck off the eat-in kitchen), we do have a lot of items to tackle. In fact, we have so many that we need to separate them by room! I’ll try to update this post periodically or copy the list into new posts as we go along so you can keep up.

Clark’s Bedroom (aka Rainbow Room)

  • Paint ceiling
  • Prime and paint walls
  • Prime and paint trim & closet doors
  • Add details to door and paint
  • Rip up orange shag carpet
  • Refinish hardwood floors
  • Change out ceiling fan
  • Change out or paint doorknob
  • Paint radiators

Living Room

  • Paint ceiling
  • Square out archways and add drywall
  • Prime and paint walls
  • Prime and paint trim and inside of door
  • Rip up green shag carpet
  • Mount flatscreen above fireplace
  • Refinish hardwood floors
  • Change out ceiling fan (move ceiling fan?)
  • Change out or paint fixtures
  • Add light in “entry” area
  • Rip out barnwood wall or stain? (Reader Poll?)
  • Change wiring and add new electric fireplace insert (that isn’t 40 years old and a fire hazard)
  • Stain fireplace mantel? Add more prominent mantelpiece?
  • Paint radiators
  • Add “built-in” bookcases on risers
  • Add trim to bookcases for custom look
  • Add crown moulding

Office (Formal Dining)

  • Paint ceiling
  • Square out doorway and add drywall
  • Remove American Colonial paneling
  • Repair paneling wall with spackle and sand
  • Prime and paint walls
  • Prime and paint trim
  • Paint radiators
  • Rip out green shag carpet
  • Refinish hardwood
  • Change out or paint fixtures
  • What to do with phone box?
  • Add crown moulding
  • Light fixture?

Master Bedroom

  • Paint ceiling
  • Rip out paneling in main area
  • Prime paneling in closet area
  • Take out old-fashioned decorative accents
  • Prime and paint walls/paneling
  • Replace ceiling fan (or just paint brass and switch out blades)
  • Frame out closet area
  • Add closet rods
  • Prime and paint trim and pocket door
  • Paint radiators
  • Turn 2nd pantry into half-bath attached to master?

Kitchen/Informal Dining

  • Replace industrial light fixture and patch surrounding area
  • Paint ceiling
  • Take down border
  • Temporarily paint paneling (replace with fresh drywall later)
  • Paint kitchen door with oil-based paint
  • Change out/paint hardware/fixtures
  • Change out cabinet fixtures
  • Paint or refinish cabinets? Including hallway cabinets
  • Add cabinet inserts (pull outs, etc.)
  • Replace kitchen sink and faucet
  • Update ceiling fan
  • Chisel out decorative tiles and replace with plain tiles
  • Regrout tiles or add new white grout on top
  • Update bar braces to more contemporary style
  • Paint laminate countertops
  • Paint trim and beam
  • Paint radiators
  • Remove flooring and install laminate, hardwood-look durable flooring
  • What to do with fireplace?
  • Remove bar and add island using upper cabinets mounted to the floor?
  • Replace dishwasher/cabinet?


  • Replace faucet/plumbing/shower head
  • Reporceline bathtub in white or replace bathtub?
  • Remove medicine cabinet over toilet – add metal wine rack as towel holder
  • Replace toilet!!!
  • Paint tile? Replace pink tiles? Remove tile from non-shower spaces and put in bathroom-grade drywall?
  • Stain vanity and update hardware
  • Replace seashell-shaped counter/sink and faucet
  • Replace floor tile
  • Update medicine cabinet stain/knobs
  • Update vanity light fixture
  • Update industrial light fixture/fan and patch surrounding area
  • Paint ceiling
  • Paint bathroom
  • Paint trim and pocket door
  • Paint radiators

Small Bedroom

  • Paint ceiling
  • Tear out paneling and patch with spackle
  • Paint walls and trim
  • Paint closet and pocket doors
  • Add crown moulding
  • Paint radiators
  • Remove brown shag carpet
  • Refinish hardwood


  • Paint everything (rafters and underside of main-level floor included) bright white
  • Section off laundry area and furnace area
  • Replace back room door
  • Add better lighting in cistern
  • Replace broken window in back room
  • Update bar in back room
  • Replace basement door (something with a frosted glass panel?)
  • Add full panels and banisters to stair rails
  • Concrete stain on floor?


  • Replace rotted wood trim/paint other wood trim
  • Paint porch ceiling
  • Power wash siding
  • Add permanent step to front door (steps?)
  • Replace porch railing
  • Add front path to porch
  • Box off gas meter from view
  • Update house number and wood paneling
  • Take out backyard flower boxes
  • Add a backyard stone patio
  • Add a firepit
  • Add a large garden
  • Fix side stairs or add handrail

Flu Plague 2012

Seriously, I have felt like death for the past two weeks. I haven’t been this sick since the seventh grade! But, finally after two full weeks and missing over half a week of work, I’m starting to feel normal again (although the cough and congestion are lingering). This week was one of those few times I wished I had a job that I could do from home on occasion if needed, as my whole life has been derailed and I’m scrambling to catch up.

The exciting part is that I’m slowly preparing to start regular blog posts again (I’m shooting for every two weeks at first, working my way up to twice a week or more if I can get ahead of schedule). I have some new invitation designs to post as well as details on an awesome vintage pinup bachelorette party, a post about my favorite Android apps (before I switch to iPhone in the next few weeks), and pics from two gorgeous weddings and a girls’ weekend coming up soon!

Also, we’ll hopefully have the details sorted out of our soon-to-come move in January and I want to start crafting again to share some (hopefully) Pinterest-worthy ideas.

Three cheers for getting back into the groove!

Upcoming Posts for June

So, June is probably going to be a pretty slow month. Just sayin’ in advance so you aren’t disappointed. However, I do have some plans for awesome things to share:

Other than that, it’s grad school, grad school, grad school. Nine credit hours until the end of June, and then I start another twelve in July. Why did I think it was a good idea to take twenty-one credit hours this summer??? Here’s hoping it pays off!