Playing in the Sprinkler

Who doesn’t love pics of babies playing???

And a bonus picture after we dried off:


Low Light Yard Love

Last week, I was disappointed. It was the week of the County Fair, and I wasn’t able to enter any of my photography shots. Why? They were two weeks too old to enter. Why don’t I have any newer shots, I thought. And then I realized that I haven’t really been shooting much since Clark got here, and to make it worse, I haven’t been shooting much of him lately. I kind of know why – it’s hard to keep him contained since he’s so mobile! But still, that’s not an excuse, especially when I love doing it so much.

I don’t take pictures for other people; I take pictures for me. If you don’t like the way I angle them, or the artsy look I like, or that I over- or under-exposed them during editing, I don’t care. A family member seriously tore down my editing of pictures once publicly, and not only did my friends get really upset (especially the subject of the photos – a friend who had recently gotten married and adored the pictures) but I, too, was offended, because I know I’m not a professional and don’t pretend to be. In hundreds of shots, I might get lucky once, or I might not at all. But I see something that is special to me and I shoot it.

I broke out my old trusty Nikon to take some pictures of Clark’s birthday banner tonight and kind of went crazy. These were shot in really low light (think dusk – when it seems like it’s not dark to your eyes, but to your camera, it’s pretty darn dark) and lightened with editing. Also, I under-exposed these more than I usually do (for the most part – not all of them) and I’m not sure that I dig it. Enjoy

Most people wouldn’t think the next one is beautiful, but I absolutely love it.

Life on the Farm

On Father’s Day, we went to my grandfather’s farm and of course I brought my camera. I’m still really practicing to try to get good at taking pictures. Apparently, my strength seems to be in up-close shots of flowers in natural lighting. Anything else turns out kind of…. crappy lol. I decided to work on some more broad-range outdoor shots this time, and they didn’t turn out too bad! Not as good as my flower shots, but oh well. And I would’ve gotten a lot more horse pictures had I not been an idiot and forgot to disable the flash (I didn’t think it would go off outside!) and spooked the horses. I only got one “front” shot because I was afraid to stay in the pen with them after I spooked them, which is why the rest of the shots are butt shots. Now if I could just take semi-decent indoor shots/people shots, I’d be good to go. Poor little Clark, he’s going to have a paparazza for a mother as he will soon become my guinea pig 🙂

A small sampling of shots: