Anyone who knows me knows that I tend to obsess about things just a bit. What can I say, I’m passionate! Haha. So when we were looking at some possible homes, I made some mockups as to decor and paint scheme. I can’t say that these are our faves now, but I thought I’d give you a little glimpse into my compulsions.

I started by taking the only non-computer generated picture and adding blue shutters (although I think we’d want something darker – this is a pretty terrible Photoshop job lol).

Next, I started to think about the colors I’d like for the individual rooms and how they’d work out together. You wouldn’t believe how many people don’t think about this. I’m still not sure about the hall color, but I thought that a grayish beige would work best with the gray color of the living area. All rooms will have high gloss white trim and moulding.

You can’t tell from the picture, but the layout of the formal living room would actually be four of those chairs around the round coffee table. It allows movement around the room as well as easy placement if things need to change (you can move chairs and reconfigure them much easier than a sofa).

Since there is no real wall per se between the formal living and dining areas, I needed to make sure that everything flowed between the two rooms. Using the two shades of blue provides continuity while still maintaining separate, distinct spaces.

The kitchen was a really difficult room for me. I want the paint color to be continuous with the living room/morning room, but I wasn’t sure about the surface choice. Enter that beautiful piece of multitonal granite. The hints of coral, teal, black and white are amazing! I also picked a medium color cabinet (to contrast with what will be dark hardwood throughout the first floor). And you have to love the adorable bar stools!

Again, picking the living area color was the hardest. We like lots of browns, so finding a shade of gray to work with them was difficult. Also, we want to use some of our existing pieces, like the DVD cabinet, end table, and lamp.

Okay, I couldn’t find a lot of what I was looking for with the study, but thing masculine and traditional. There would be a large corner desk for Jason and I to share, leather chairs, and huge bookcases. Also note that I replace the standard builder grade door with French pocket doors.

Next comes the upstairs. I continued the hallway color from downstairs to provide continuity. The rest was, well, not set in stone at all.

My first feeling with the loft was, “What the heck would we put up there???” I decided that a kid-friendly tv/bookshelf/desk area would be perfect! All the choices below are from IKEA of course. I especially love the couches which have interchangeable covers (so messes and patterns are okay because they can be changed!).

Okay, so this is definitely not set in stone and is just Mommy’s pipe dream that one day Clark *might* like ships enough for me to do this! Right now, his room is space-themed. It’s completely up in the air.

We are assuming that when we move into a new house, we’ll eventually upgrade to a king-sized bed, which means our lovely upholstered queen size bed would go into a guest bedroom. My goal here was trying to layer different pieces without searching extensively on the internet. This is just something I threw together quickly.

I never thought I’d say this, but I think the Master Suite is actually too big. It was so hard to figure out a layout and I’m still not enthusiastic about it. I think it might even be a better idea to wall off the sitting area and make that into an exercise room or dressing room or something. It’s especially hard because with the huge amount of closet space, we won’t really need any furniture beside a bed and nightstands in the room. The quilt is our current quilt (which we bought in king size since I’m a cover hog) and that’s where we got the paint color. Also, we know we want to continue having an upholstered bed – we lurve our current one because you can lean against the back without tons of pillows, and it wasn’t hard to convince Jason that leather was nice, haha.

So, even though I don’t necessarily love all the design choices (I picked everything out in a hurry and we would be layering the house slowly in real-life), I still love the whole idea of designing a house from top to bottom, starting with paint. Thoughts?