Crafty Crafty: Pinterest Challenge! Monogrammed Pumpkin

I spend hours on Pinterest. Let’s be honest, anyone who has an account spends hours on Pinterest. It’s not hard to do. Even my technophobic Mom has been sucked in! If I had the money and time to create all the things I find, I would.

Today, I created one piece for freeeeeeeee.

We had a pumpkin (yes, one solitary pumpkin) that grew in the garden this year and turned ripe too quickly. So here is it, the middle of September, and it was picked almost a month ago. It’s too early to carve it, but I didn’t want it to go to waste, so I drew on it.

Yes, drew on it. I took a wide black permanent marker and made a basic cursive monogram B (because that’s the letter for my parents’ last name) then filled in different areas until I was satisfied with the outcome. But it was still a little plain (and it looked almost chocolate brown instead of black) so I dove into my box o’goodies. I pulled out a gold paint calligraphy marker and went to town. The end result? Not professional looking, but not bad, either! Check it out:

Again, sorry about the crappy cell phone pics – I still have no solution for my Nikon. But not too bad, eh?