On the Prowl: Return to Sender

Our work is never done. Not that we’re even close to being where we need to be, but something always seems to break when you least expect it. Today, it was the mailbox. Apparently¬† the red flag will no longer go up, which wouldn’t have been a problem a year and a half ago, we are now avid Netflix users and must have our outgoing mail service. So on the prowl I went for a new mailbox.

Mailboxes run from super cheap to super expensive. For just $7.97 at Lowe’s, you can pick up one of these beauties:

But who wants a plain, boring mailbox? We like the look of this one, but it’s a standard size mailbox and we are used to our oversized mailbox. Still, it’s an option at $39.95.

And from there, the price jumps to well over $100. So off I went to Amazon.com to find something nice but a bit more in our price range.

I found this one with great reviews for $35.99, but it makes me wonder: is it really worth it? Sure, it’s nice to be able to have small packages put in our mailbox instead of being left out, but is it really worth it when we can get a standard mailbox for so cheap and dress it up? What do you think?