September Goals!

It’s time to revive monthly goals posts! We all know that writing down your goals helps you feel more accountable to making them happen (and A may just kill me via phone if I don’t actually achieve them, haha) so I feel like revisiting this practice might help me move my blog from flatlined to a steady 90 bpm (L – that one is for you!).

  • Finish another 20 pages in Clark’s first year scrapbook. I actually just started this thing for the first time since he was born a few weeks ago with them help of S’ scrapbooking party, and now I feel like maybe I can accomplish finishing it soon! Now if I could only start our wedding/honeymoon scrapbooks….
  • Pay off all bills for September and October. This one shouldn’t be hard as I have a hopeful closing in the next week or so as well as the possibility of some temp jobs coming up that may help us pay the bills even further out! Of course, I say that, and I already have the car paid off until November and the car insurance paid until December, so really, almost half of our bills are already taken care of!
  • Get my first listing up and running! I have the listing appointment on Wednesday with an amazing, inspiring seller. I wish I could tell you more, but for confidentiality reasons, I can’t. So excited for this one! I’ll post links to the MLS even though this isn’t a real estate blog.
  • Post on TBP once a week, all month. I know it isn’t much, but it’s a start.
  • Do posts of Clark’s first birthday party (and all the fun stuff I created, including some tips on using the new Wilton Sugar Sheet line!) and a tour of our room/Clark’s room at my parents’ house. Heck, I may do a tour of most of the house if they’ll let me. We’ve had to really crunch and come up with some creative solutions to make the most of our 150 square foot chunk (not including Clark’s room) and everyone has had to sacrifice, so I think it would be neat to count our blessings and share.
  • Check something off my DZP list or at least start something from my DZP list.
  • Finish my grad school application. I know, I said at the beginning of this year that I wasn’t applying, but A) we’re not ready to start paying on my student loans yet; B) we thought I would be teaching a gazillion hours a week still and C) I still really love French, even if I’m not using it much, and a free degree is fine with me! I probably won’t be able to start until December, but that’s okay.
  • Finish my current MA portfolio. I don’t really have a choice in this one – it’s due on October 1st. This will effectively give me an MA in Education (which I won’t officially receive until December).
  • Make a list of possible projects for TBP that are HOUSE RELATED! Woo! Getting back to my original blogging purpose! Of course, it helps that I’m becoming more of an expert everyday at my new amazing job.

We all know that only about half of these will actually come to fruition, so keep me accountable, people! Insert gratuitous picture here:


July Goals

Before I delve into my goals for July, let’s take a look at how I did for June:

  • Finish the nursery – DONE! We’re just waiting until the shower on August 1st to put a few final finishing touches on it. After all, if I have to hear my grandmother say, “Leave stuff for us to buy!” one more time, I might scream lol. So I am waiting four weeks before I worry about this again. We do have a little bit of stuff currently living in the closet, but my mother in law is taking it home with her after her late July/early August visit, so I don’t count that as not being finished.
  • Finish giving the house a deep cleaning – we are most of the way done with this! Tomorrow is the monthly dump day in our county (where you can take items that you can’t normally throw in the trash to the dump for free), so a lot of this goal is dependent on our trips tomorrow. Pretty much everything else is done except the carpet cleaning, which will happen during the next two weeks room by room as we have time.
  • Reorganize the kitchen cabinets – this one is also halfway done. Currently, all my pots and pans are sitting in recyclable Kroger bags on the floor in the kitchen waiting for me. This is actually my goal for today and tomorrow. In fact, I was planning on doing this right after I finish this blog post and make lunch 🙂
  • Go through the house and do a room-by-room – Well, the page is up, and as soon as we take our stuff to the dump tomorrow and clean the carpets, we’ll get pictures up! I realize, however, that I am absolutely DREADFUL at taking pictures indoors and never seem to be able to capture more than 1/4 of a room in a picture, so hopefully these won’t be a total disaster.
  • Add in a couple more Q&A’s – we haven’t really had many questions, so I haven’t been able to do this. Get your questions in, people!

Also, I did want to say a huge thank you to my readers – I’ve been getting picked up on some Google searches (mostly because of our use of Glidden’s Warm Caramel in our nursery!) and I had over 650 views last month! This made my heart smile 🙂

Now, onto July goals! I’m not making too many goals for July because I know that my schedule is already full as can be (a bridal shower and bachelorette to host, an out-of-town visitor, and only 6 weeks to be prepared for the beginning of a new school year and new classes, with only 10 weeks until our little one gets here!).

  • Get together clothing donations and take to donation center.
  • Locate (and maybe purchase) some cabinets for the dining room to make a “pantry” and “coat closet” – we’ve already been looking and know some good sizes, but I’m talking about going to the reuse center and seeing what they have because the cabinets we like at Lowe’s are $200 each (and therefore not doable for a few months).
  • Find a good weekly post topic that doesn’t depend on a project each week – with my schedule about to be amped up to the max, this is important if I want to keep posting regularly.

Again, not too much, but I imagine things will be a little slower for the next few months as our lives get pretty crazy!

June Goals!

Can you believe that it is already JUNE??? Where has the time gone? Not only am I over 6 months pregnant, but today my teaching job officially ended for the summer. I can’t fathom how fast this year has gone by! I guess it’s time to make goals for June (even though it’s almost a third over already). But thank you to all of my wonderful readers who got me up over 500 views for the month! I think that will be a hard number to beat, especially since I’ve been a slacker for the first seven days of this month.

  • Finish the nursery. Seriously, isn’t it done yet? No, because we need to find new homes for a lot of the closet items so we can officially say that it is Clark’s room. It’s almost finished, and I need to get my butt into gear to make it happen now.
  • Finish giving the house a deep cleaning. We’ve done most of it, but the bedrooms and front bathroom need to be deep cleaned, and we need to shampoo the carpets. A huge thank you in advance to TJ, who is going to let us borrow her carpet cleaner so we can do the whole house at once.
  • Reorganize the kitchen cabinets. They drive me crazy, like bat-poop-crazy. Maybe I’ll even give you a peek at this one.
  • Go through our house and do a room-by-room, and post on the blog, maybe in a new tab even!
  • Add in a couple more Q&A’s. Got any questions for us? They don’t have to be home related if you don’t want.

May Goals

Here’s a quick pic taken at our local butterfly show to brighten the blog:

Not too shabby for a beginning photographer, huh? And the best part is that this was one of the few photos that I didn’t have to color edit at all!

Since I’ve summed up how April went, it’s time to make some goals for May. May is a tremendously busy month for me as it marks the end of grad school (I have so many thing due Monday! Ahhh! I probably shouldn’t be blogging right now 😦 ) and wrapping up an entire school year for over 100 kids. Sigh. So my goals are going to be accordingly smaller for May as to make them a bit more attainable.

Without further ado, my May goals:

  • Move two of the oriental grass bushes to the opposite side of the house to prepare for the new deck.
  • Help Jason do the prep work for the deck (don’t worry, I won’t overexert myself).
  • Clean out Clark’s closet.
  • Keep decluttering!
  • Post plans for deck and storage shed.
  • Keep taking pictures 🙂

Not too many goals, and not too lofty, but since I know it’s going to be extremely busy this month, these are more than enough.

April Goals: How’d I do?

Way back when (I can’t believe the month is over already!), I posted this to help me keep track of my goals and have you guys hold me accountable 🙂 So how did I do?

  • Make sure every bit of painting is done in the nursery and get all the extra stuff cleaned out of it. This includes starting to go through the closet (the only part we really haven’t tackled!) and donating anything we don’t need.
    • Well, yes and no. We finished the painting and got a lot of the extra stuff out. But we haven’t touched the closet at all. I can’t wait to get it cleaned out so we can hang up some of the clothes we have so far 🙂
  • Get the curtains done for the nursery. I think you guys are really going to like this project, especially because it’s pretty layered and involved.
    • Again, only half way there. I have the under curtains up, but I haven’t gotten the other curtains yet. All in good time.
  • Shampoo all the carpets.
    • Where DID my Spring Break go? I didn’t even attempt this. Of course, it should probably wait until Jason is done with classes so he can move the furniture around. I’m not exactly allowed to do that.
  • Finish the mailbox. Yes, I still haven’t done this. That is my goal for tomorrow!
  • Go through all my stuff in the office and donate anything I don’t need. Try to cut down the clutter!
    • I kind of did this, but it needs to get better. Still working on decluttering.
  • Purchase and paint letters for Baby H’s name to hang on the nursery wall. Only 10 more days (hopefully) until we find out what to call our newest family member!
  • Finish my grandmother’s picture quilt. I’ve had it half done for months (thank you, morning sickness) and I think she might want her Christmas present soon :-)This is one of my spring break projects.
    • Good thing my grandmother doesn’t read my blog. And good thing grad school is over this week and teaching is over in 4 weeks.
  • Start priming all the trim in the main room. This is going to take AWHILE as there is a lot of it! I don’t expect the trim painting project to be finished until June-ish.
    • Well, we haven’t started this one yet. We’re trying to decide if it’s worth it to paint all of it, or if we should just replace the trim.
  • Hang up our collage of wedding pictures. I don’t want them hiding in a box forever!
    • Didn’t start this one yet because we are working on rearranging our dining room. Once we decide where they will hang, then I’ll put up the collage.
  • Price out materials and draw up plans for the deck we’re planning to build this summer.
    • We’ve got most of the materials! I’ll post our plans up soon and we’ll start working on all the prep stuff in the next few weeks.

Well, not as much done as I’d have hoped, but there is always May!