Crafty Crafty: Pinterest Challenge! Monogrammed Pumpkin

I spend hours on Pinterest. Let’s be honest, anyone who has an account spends hours on Pinterest. It’s not hard to do. Even my technophobic Mom has been sucked in! If I had the money and time to create all the things I find, I would.

Today, I created one piece for freeeeeeeee.

We had a pumpkin (yes, one solitary pumpkin) that grew in the garden this year and turned ripe too quickly. So here is it, the middle of September, and it was picked almost a month ago. It’s too early to carve it, but I didn’t want it to go to waste, so I drew on it.

Yes, drew on it. I took a wide black permanent marker and made a basic cursive monogram B (because that’s the letter for my parents’ last name) then filled in different areas until I was satisfied with the outcome. But it was still a little plain (and it looked almost chocolate brown instead of black) so I dove into my box o’goodies. I pulled out a gold paint calligraphy marker and went to town. The end result? Not professional looking, but not bad, either! Check it out:

Again, sorry about the crappy cell phone pics – I still have no solution for my Nikon. But not too bad, eh?


Reader Weigh-In: Art for Clark?

Obviously, my number one project right now is finding all the perfect pieces for Clark’s future home, and I’ve been trying to find some art to work. My question is this: Would the print below (one of my recent photography pieces) look good for a nursery? I was thinking in a dark wood frame, either with or without a white matte? What do you think?

Nursery Progress Part 3: Update

Just stopping in to give some update pictures from the projects I mentioned in the last post. Enjoy!

And here is a highly requested belly shot, from exactly 19 weeks. Needless to say, I’ve more than popped. Oh, and this is with -2 pounds gained!

Nursery Progress Part 3

Yesterday was a busy day for nursery projects as two days ago we found out that we are having a BOY! I’ve had a couple of projects in mind for the nursery depending on the baby’s sex, and I’m glad to start personalizing everything for little Clark Allen!

Project #1 is something that I’ve thought about for a long time, and that’s the giant name letters for the room. I’ve always wanted to have our baby’s name in big letters over the crib, as a statement to the world of who it would be. I started out at Michael’s, but their letters were kind of cartoony and girly for the big 12 inch height. Then I went to Hobby Lobby and found the perfect, traditional letters that make Clark’s traditional name stand out.

But what color to paint them? At first, I thought about white. Eh, too girly with all our dark wood and warm caramel walls. Then, green popped in, but we’ve been adding so much green that I didn’t want to overload the room. So I decided on a nice baby blue, which will pop against the wall color and will compliment our other nursery pieces such as the hamper, diaper hanger, and bumper pad.

Here they are drying on the back side of my craft mat (sewers, don’t worry, the other side is still perfectly fine and is the side I use to cut patterns!). With my leftover blue paint, I decided to take an old corkboard and make a scenic update to it to help balance the color in the room and to use up some little trees I had found on clearance months before at Michael’s. I got this idea because Jason had painted this very corkboard for my dorm room in college, when I was in to hot pink and palm trees 🙂

I painted it blue, then dug out my other set of craft paints and added some hills and clouds. I have six trees and four woodland animal cutouts that I bought already painted that I will mount this week on the outside edges of the board (trees on the bottom, animals on the sides) when I have a chance to grab my glue gun from my classroom. But isn’t everything so cute already???

Total cost for both projects: $7 for the letters (unfinished wood is 30% off at Hobby Lobby this week) and $2 for 2 bottles of blue paint. I had already purchased everything else or had it at home. Oh, and the little wood cut outs were around $0.50 a piece when I bought them a few months ago. I’m so excited to get these up in the nursery this week to show the finished product!
So what are the rest of our nursery plans? Well, here’s a drawing of the final layout:

Yes, I know, crappy Paint drawing. We are going to:

  • mount the letters above the crib.
  • pick out 5 pictures (one of each of our parents, one of each of us as a child, one of us) and find frames to mount above the dresser in a collage pattern.
  • mount the cork board above the chest of drawers
  • find a small end table to go next to where the glide rocker and a small lamp, ideally one with a door on it so we can hide away things I’ll need for breast feeding
  • buy a small 2 or 3 shelf espresso colored book case to go on the wall next to the glide rocker and some blue and green baskets to go on the bottom shelf for Clark’s toys. The top shelf will be used for books to read to him with.
  • buy the outer curtains from Target (it’s actually a cloth shower curtain that I’m going to cut in half and hem – hey, you can’t fix perfect!) and it looks like this:

Any suggestions for anything else in our nursery? Once we have our yard sale next week and get back some of the space we’ve been using in there to store those items, I’ll take full-on nursery pics so you can see the whole thing.

In Our House: Mulching and a Perennial

Today was a semi-busy day chez Howard as we had quite a bit to do on the yard work. Jason had to do his annual first mowing, which takes quite a bit of work with a push mower (our lawn tractor is not currently working, so he cut 1/2 acre of very sloping hill today!).

As for me, I took to clearing the grass and weeds from around our two slow-growing trees to help encourage them to grow more. The weeds were wrapped around the bottom of the trunk and keeping them from hitting even their regular growth rate, so this had made them ultra-slow-growing and they look a lot younger than they actually are. I always wondered why people chose to mulch around trees in circles, and now I know. I set off to make some of these mulch circles myself, using an aerator to help me dig up the deep-rooted grass and weeds. Then I mixed Miracle Grow with water and gave our little trees a little extra boost 🙂 To those of you worried about gardening and pregnancy, don’t worry – I took all the proper precautions and wore gloves the entire time. Then, I hit up Home Depot for some black satin mulch. Following a tip from HGTV, I used an entire bag of mulch around the tree and made it about four inches deep (to help keep the weeds from growing underneath). Jason also found some weed barrier, so that was laid underneath the mulch. They turned out pretty well for my first try! This is a picture from the front porch (the house in the background is across the street).

Next, I turned my attention to the front porch. I didn’t want to add anything major since we are hoping to add a deck this summer (which will change the whole look of the front of the house!) but I wanted something pretty to add. I found a cute little metal bird at Dollar General, and I grabbed a cute pot from Home Depot along with a perennial. Add some potting mix, and voila!  A cute little table arrangement 🙂

I love the color of that planter and would like to paint the shutters a darker shade.

Do you guys have any interesting yard stories to tell? I’d love to see some pictures!