Reader Weigh-In: Craft Shows

This one is short and sweet: What kind of items do you like to buy at craft shows (assuming that they are reasonably priced)? I’m getting started with my crafting business after a lifetime of being asked to make all kinds of crafty things for friends and family and I’d like to make as much as possible while the summer is here and life is uncomplicated.

I can make a broad range of products (honestly, I can mimic just about anything I see) and here’s what I’m planning to sell so far:

  • Hand-embossed stationery – I love stationery and I love to buy it as often as possible, but people usually charge around $20 for a set of 8-10 notecards! I plan on charging $8 a set. Each set is embossed with a monogram and either comes with flat or folded notecards and envelopes, tied together with a ribbon.
  • Prints – I’m now up to 70 sell-worthy shots, so I’d like to pick about 10-15 to print as 8x10s and put in white mattes. These would sell for $5.
  • Puppets – Yes, I can make hand puppets. A family friend commissioned me to make puppets for her grandchildren two years ago and I have to say that they turned out pretty well 🙂 In fact, I saw them being used the other day and even after being thrown around (which I witnessed lol) they have held up pretty well. I would sell at set of 3 (boy, girl, and animal) for $20 with accessories and clothing for an additional $3 each (they would come with one outfit each). I also have a great idea for a tabletop puppet theater, but I need to do a sample piece before I decide to sell those, which would be $20-25 depending on the materials cost.

So, what do you think? Leave me a comment or question to help get the ideas rolling!