Quick Tip: Keeping the Bathroom Clean

Speaking of bathrooms, I set my facial cleaning cloth aside once I’m done removing my makeup and then wipe the sink out with it after I am done with my nightly routine. This 20-second step makes cleaning my bathroom so much easier and makes the bathroom seem nicer in between cleanings. And here’s the brand I use in case you are wondering.


Q&A: Bathroom Cleaner

Q: What do you use to clean your shower? I’m always looking for a good product – one that doesn’t destroy the environment is a strong plus.

A: I used to use just a regular shower cleaner plus one of those daily shower sprays, but then I noticed that the cats sometimes get in the bathtub and try to drink from the faucet (or wait there until we turned it on), and I was worried that they might be inhaling/licking some of the daily spray. So, I switched to Martha Stewart Clean Bathroom Cleaner. While I’m not a fan of Big M, I do love that this is inexpensive ($4 at Home Depot!) and eco-friendly. In fact, the whole line cleans really well, especially for the price. I spray it on and let it sit for a few minutes to soak in, then scrub anything I need to with a scrub brush and wipe it all off with a sponge. Letting it soak means I can finish the entire shower within 5-10 minutes without much elbow grease.

If you live in the Florence area, all the Martha Stewart cleaning products are right as you walk in next to the greeter. Here’s the info from Home Depot’s site:

Martha Stewart Clean Bathroom Cleaner makes it easy to maintain a perfectly clean and sanitary bathroom. Its 99+% plant- and mineral-based formula safely removes dirt, soap, mildew and mineral deposits. It contains no artificial colors, preservatives or strong chemicals that can damage finishes over time and allow bacteria to grow.

  • 99+% plant- and mineral-based
  • Removes dirt and soap build-up
  • Safe for all bathroom surfaces
  • Produced with no animal testing or animal by-products
  • Certified by EPA’s “Design for the Environment”