Reader Q&A: Morning Routine

Okay, readers — I need your help!

I am NOT a morning person. In fact, since having the baby I’ve reverted back to my natural 1 am bedtime. I say natural because whenever I’m allowed to go to bed and get up when I want, that’s what happens. I usually get my best work done between 10pm and 12am, and then start getting sleepy by 1am.

So my new dream job is wonderful, except that we have decided not to move this year. Which means a 1.25 hour commute each way, every day (1.5 hours on a bad day). Which means that my new wake-up time will be only four short hours after my current bedtime. Yikes.

So, dear readers, how do you wake up in the mornings? What is your morning routine? Right now, I envision mine going like this:

5 am – shower (these do NOT wake me up – I want to go back to sleep because of the hot water!)

5:15 am – make hot tea, drink while feeding the baby, read Facebook or on my Kindle

5:30 am – blow dry and fix hair

5:45 am – make up and get dressed

5:55 am – make to-go mug of hot tea and traveling breakfast, grab stuff and out the door

6:00 am – 7:30 am – driving, thinking about day and mentally preparing/planning, pumping around 7 am while driving

7:30 am – arrive at job, brush teeth (no point in doing it before breakfast), make any last-minute copies

7:45 am – start work

I need any and all suggestions to make life easier! I can skip hair washing every other day, but will still need a quick shower and styling time.


Q & A: Behind the Name

Q: Where did you get the name Two Blue Pillars?

A: A long, long time ago, I promised that I’d share the meaning of Two Blue Pillars. I’m going to blame this one on pregnancy brain, since it seems like everything has been fluttering out lately 🙂 . When trying to find a new name for the blog (which used to be called Amanda’s Adventures, if you actually read it way back when), I wanted to find something that would be easily distinguishable in Google yet easy to spell and not too long. I tried a bunch of cliche ideas, and all of them had either already been taken or they had a ton of Google search results. So I began looking at objects around our living space, and several weird combinations later, I spotted the two blue pillars sitting on my end table. I googled the name, and guess what? There were no real results for “two blue pillars”. There was a blue candle results, and then spam. I knew that if nothing else, I at least had a unique name in case my blog would ever take off, and I would have a problem with legal issues like YHL did with their original name. Sorry that the story isn’t more interesting! But if you look in the header, you’ll see the two blue pillars up there. One of these days I’ll get a much better pic 🙂