Happy Father’s Day!

Even though I’ve been a total blog slacker for the last few weeks, I’d like to take a moment to wish all the fathers, grandfathers, and fathers-to-be a Happy Father’s Day!

First, here’s my Dad:

And my Opa:

And my Grandpa:

And my wonderful husband, Jason, who will become a first-time dad this September!

Oh, and on a side note, our furbabies are celebrating a birthday today! Boston and Madison were born on Father’s Day 2005 – we can’t believe they are 5 years old already! Look at this adorable pic from back when they were only 8 weeks old!

I’m Baaaaaack!

(Sorry this is crazy late. I was having trouble with Blogger wanting to upload pictures.)

Well, not exactly. I’m still on vacation in Florida, but today is a nice, lazy day so I can catch you all up (those few of you who do read).

First of all, the fitness/diet/exercise posts will be returning in full force on Monday when I get back into my routine. I have been baaaaaaaad for the last few weeks, but I have some answers as to why I was having problems running at least.

Now, onto the vacation!

We are visiting Jason’s parents in Florida and we will have been here for a total of 9 days. Michelle and Rick live in between Gainesville/Jacksonville and Orlando, if that helps give you a picture of where we have been staying. I have to say, I have never really had much interest in Florida/the beach, but now I’m hooked!

We went to St. Augustine for a wonderful walk downtown and a trip to the fort…

… where I had fun taking some interesting pics….

… followed by my first ever trip to the beach! We walked on the beach after dinner so that I could experience it as soon as possible.

We went to Daytona Beach the next day, and I had a lot of fun! I had to learn quickly how to deal with the waves, though, because that was something I definitely wasn’t used to.

We also went to an awesome seafood restaurant named Corky Bell’s where I got to try Gator Tail (which tastes like chicken with the texture of pork and scallops, lol).

Finally, we took a ferry out to Fort Matanzas and saw an awesome restored Spanish watchtower.

We also drank a little (or a lot if you paid attention to my facebook ramblings… you decide). Overall, it was a really good time and I wish we didn’t have to leave so soon! Now back to the real world 😦