Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas

over 200 kids party ideas

We’ve all seen those awesome party ideas all over the internet — the ones that make us hold our breath and exclaim, “Why didn’t I think of that?!?” These are the parties that don’t have anything to do with buying plates with the latest cartoon face plastered on the bottom. These are the parties that have seemingly boring themes, but with some creativity they yield amazing results, and they teach our kids to like what they like instead of liking what’s most popular.

I’m trying to get my kids away from cartoon-based parties and more into themes that we can create ourselves (well, after this year — between my job, two weddings, moving, conferences, and curriculum planning, it’s been a bit crazy!). I’m sure all of these parties have amazing ideas and pictures on Pinterest, but I’ve yet to see a really great list of ideas all in one post. That’s why I’m posting here – to begin the list. If you think of anything that should be added, comment and I will edit the post. Ideas for each party can come later — Right now, it’s always nice just to have a list to look at for ideas. And they don’t have to just be for boys or girls — pick what your kid likes and go with it, and make it work for their gender.

PS – I will slowly be organizing them into better groupings as I have time!

  1. butterflies
  2. ladybugs
  3. caterpillars
  4. worms
  5. picnic ants
  6. elephants
  7. owls
  8. foxes
  9. birds
  10. puppies
  11. kittens
  12. lizards
  13. dragons
  14. fish
  15. sharks
  16. dolphins
  17. jungle animals
  18. farm animals
  19. forest animals
  20. sea animals
  21. swamp animals
  22. desert animals
  23. rainforest animals
  24. arctic animals
  25. *insert your favorite animal*
  26. picnic
  27. campout
  28. bonfire
  29. garden
  30. flowers
  31. race car
  32. fire truck
  33. hot air balloon
  34. airplane
  35. boat
  36. bicycle
  37. carriage
  38. wagon
  39. train
  40. garage
  41. construction vehicles
  42. tools
  43. policeman
  44. firefighter
  45. astronaut
  46. doctor
  47. clown
  48. roses
  49. mushrooms
  50. rainbow
  51. cookies and milk
  52. stars
  53. hexagons
  54. diamonds
  55. polka dots
  56. stripes
  57. chevron
  58. alphabet
  59. numbers
  60. pinwheels
  61. windmills
  62. prince
  63. princess
  64. knight
  65. ninja
  66. pirate
  67. soldier
  68. sailor
  69. ballerina
  70. magician
  71. teddy bear
  72. musical instruments
  73. county fair
  74. fruits
  75. berries
  76. lemons and limes
  77. peaches
  78. apples
  79. oranges
  80. veggies
  81. ice cream
  82. cupcakes/baking/decorating
  83. spa
  84. makeover
  85. slumber
  86. jewelry making
  87. tshirt making
  88. fashion designer
  89. painting
  90. beach
  91. ocean
  92. pool
  93. indians
  94. cowboys
  95. tea party
  96. football
  97. soccer
  98. basebol
  99. tennis
  100. karate
  101. skater
  102. ice skating
  103. roller skating
  104. skateboarding
  105. bees
  106. dolls
  107. dinosaurs
  108. nautical
  109. mermaid
  110. starfish
  111. crab/lobster
  112. lemonade
  113. angel
  114. French
  115. Asian
  116. Indian
  117. Victorian
  118. British
  119. Hawaiian
  120. Hippie
  121. Flapper
  122. Fifties
  123. down under
  124. wizards
  125. paint brushes
  126. vintage
  127. circus
  128. carnival
  129. shabby chic
  130. french country
  131. fave fairy tale (Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, Goldilocks, Three Little Pigs)
  132. fave nursery rhyme (Humpty Dumpty, Hey Diddle Diddle, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Jack and Jill)
  133. bow ties
  134. mustaches
  135. color-themed (gold, silver, blue, pink, etc.)
  136. rain
  137. clouds
  138. sun
  139. umbrellas
  140. flip flops
  141. travel
  142. knitting/sewing
  143. gumball
  144. sweet shop
  145. teddy bear
  146. blocks
  147. puzzles
  148. fishing
  149. hunting
  150. aviator
  151. carousel
  152. beach ball
  153. photography
  154. kites
  155. silhouette
  156. holiday themed
  157. ribbons and bows
  158. baby animals
  159. seasons (winter, spring, summer, fall)
  160. farm
  161. city
  162. plaid
  163. monsters
  164. hairstyling
  165. paper dolls
  166. mason jars
  167. rubber duckies
  168. fireworks
  169. rockets
  170. aliens
  171. feathers
  172. lace
  173. goldfish
  174. chocolate
  175. pumpkin patch
  176. flamingo
  177. once upon a time
  178. unicorn
  179. rock star
  180. Hollywood
  181. archery
  182. fireflies
  183. stargazing
  184. neon
  185. animal prints
  186. volleyball
  187. glow in the dark
  188. bowling
  189. spy
  190. chef
  191. cooking challenge
  192. ombre
  193. dance party
  194. donuts
  195. rock (as in actual rocks)
  196. fossils/archeologist
  197. motorcycle
  198. superhero
  199. space
  200. duck
  201. turtle
  202. lamb
  203. horse
  204. secret agent
  205. zoo
  206. safari
  207. surfing




Cheap and Awesome Mother’s Day Gift!

How was your Mother’s Day? Ours was great! I told Jason that what I really wanted was to go to a park for a picnic and playing on Saturday (because Sunday was jam packed!), and then we went for ice cream. It was Clark’s first ice cream cone. Oh, don’t get me wrong, the boy has had plenty of ice cream — just not a cone to himself! He loved it!

Even better, every time he took a bite, he wanted to wipe his face off with a napkin. He’s not a tidy kid, but once he saw us use a napkin, he had to be a big boy and use one, too!

So, I know it’s after Mother’s Day, but I had to wait to post this fun gift idea because my mom can see my posts, and I didn’t want to ruin the surprise!

Both my husband and I are full-time students right now (since I had to quit real estate for the past few months due to family obligations, which without getting into too much detail, involved taking care of my grandmother after a high-risk surgery) and we’re living on very, very little but we’re pretty darn happy and learning that less is better, anyway. But when it comes to gifts, it’s pretty stressful. This time around, we had way less than I wanted for a Mother’s Day gift for our moms, so I had to come up with a creative solution.

Both of our moms are crazy for their first grandchild, so I thought back to the portrait cameo Sherry @ Young House Love did of Clara for her room – it would be the perfect gift! I set to work on a cameo of Clark for our two lovely ladies. Total cost for this project was somewhere in the neighborhood of $8 each for both the frame and matte from Hobby Lobby (during the 50% off frames week). I had the professional matte photo paper at home and fully-loaded ink cartridges from my normal Etsy order stock already.

Here’s where problem after problem happened.

First, I couldn’t get my Nikon to work again (yes, for the millionth time! but it’s working now off-and-on for some weird reason) so I had to take a cell phone pic. That meant that I had to erase the background in Photoshop by hand instead of using the magic eraser tool because the lines between the subject and the background weren’t crisp enough. And I’m not a steady eraser because I don’t have the luxury of a pen tablet. Sigh.

Mistake #2 – I tried to take a picture of my crazy mobile toddler with my cell phone camera and NO ONE TO HOLD HIM. What was I thinking??? It’s why it’s more of an angle shot, meaning you can’t see his lip profile! Creepy no-mouthed baby pictures ensued.

So, all-in-all, for the problems I had, it turned out really cute! But since my Nikon is working temporarily, I’ll recruit my awesome-sauce husband to hold the wiggling boy and take a better shot to replace in each frame. And Momma-Bear-in-Law, you’ll be getting your copy when we visit this summer since I couldn’t figure out how to mail the frame with glass.

Circus Party Invitations and Party Ideas

In the midst of my Pinterest-inspired mommy freakout earlier this week on Facebook (thanks, by the way, to all of my friends who calmed me down!), I decided to change the theme of Clark’s birthday party. I had originally planned to have a Sesame Street party for him, but the truth is, he doesn’t really care for Sesame Street, and I couldn’t stand the thought of his party being something he didn’t care for. Yes, I realize that he’s only going to be two and chances are that he won’t remember it, but he can still react in the moment and I want him to say “wow” like he does so often at home over things he loves.

So, I picked a circus theme. It’s not necessarily something that he loves, but it is definitely something that I can wow him with and not spend a ton of money. We’ve already rented a park shelter, so I took some pics yesterday with my phone and did some quick Photoshopping. Here’s the basic plan, using cheap 100′ rolls of striped plastic tablecloths. This isn’t the whole plan, just the basics. We have to leave the grill area open as well as the side (so that we can play in the grass and see the playground) but I think it will feel luxurious, personalized, and exotic for very cheap. The pennant bunting symbolizes his birthday banners that I made last year, and the train pic on the back wall is just a placeholder for some kind of posters that I’ll paint of a train of animals. I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with the circus ring yet.

Of course, this meant a total redesign of the invitations as well, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with how they turned out! I’ll be selling them in my Etsy shop as well if anyone is interested.

Seriously, I lurrrrve them so much! They look way more impressive on paper than digitally.

Thinking Ahead to #2!

I’m so excited to start thinking ahead to Clark’s second birthday! Yes, it’s early, but I’m also going to craft a huge amount of items to save money on a really personalized party so it will take me several months to get everything done (and still keep up with my ridiculous grad school schedule).

I’ve already created an inspiration board on Pinterest but I find that I need paper goods finished before anything else to really get the theme of a party going. Last year, I made some super awesome Yo Gabba Gabba invitations that were completely from scratch, but this year I borrowed a little inspiration from this blogger. I can’t say that I won’t be copying even more ideas from her AMAZING party! My husband and I discussed it and decided upon a Sesame Street theme, which will allow for many toddler-appropriate activities.

Her awesome invitations had me searching all over the graphic designers’ website, but I couldn’t find anything about invitation design so I decided to copycat them and make my own. Note: this design will NOT be for sale with my custom invitations because it is not mine to sell even though I did recreate it myself. But as far as designs go, it was fairly easy (minus the font, which I decided to replace with one of my personal faves instead of trying to find the exact font the designer used) and I could make a different version to sell in the shop if anyone wanted it. A couple of hours later, and we have a 5×7 invitation, a 3.5×5 sizing insert, and a 3.5×5 thank you card (which I’ll print as a flat card and write on the back). Obviously, the actual print quality is better IRL since I sized them down for the blog. What do you think?

Merry Christmas!

We hope you are having an amazing time with your friends and family, regardless of whatever holiday you are celebrating this season!