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House To-Do List

Note: This list was originally published in a post, but I decided to make it a dedicated page so that I can link back to posts, photos, and updates as they progress.

Welcome to our crazy remodel! My grandmother decided that living alone in her late 70s was no longer desirable, so we are taking over and updating her small 1960s ranch to help build up resale value and learn more about remodeling houses ourselves. We aren’t going to be here as long as we originally planned because of my awesome dream job, but we want to make sure that she gets a decent offer with the small projects that we can accomplish (although it needs a lot of major work, too). I already know that I’m obsessed and excited with our little “project”, but will my family feel the same way? Ha, I doubt it :)

Clark’s Bedroom (aka Rainbow Room)



80% complete

  • Paint ceiling
  • Prime and paint walls
  • Rip up orange shag carpet
  • Change out or paint doorknob
  • Paint inside of closet and take off doors
  • Paint radiators

Living Room


10% complete

  • Paint ceiling
  • Prime and paint walls
  • Rip up green shag carpet
  • Change out ceiling fan (move ceiling fan?)
  • Change out or paint fixtures
  • Change wiring and add new electric fireplace insert (that isn’t 40 years old and a fire hazard)
  • Paint radiators
  • Paint inside of firebox, possibly paint concrete “stone”

Office (Formal Dining)

0% complete

  • Paint ceiling
  • Repair paneling wall with spackle and sand
  • Prime and paint walls
  • Prime and paint trim
  • Paint radiators
  • Rip out green shag carpet
  • Change out or paint fixtures
  • What to do with phone box?
  • Replace Light fixture

Master Bedroom



0% complete

  • Spackle, sand, and paint paneling
  • Replace ceiling fan globes
  • Separate closet lights from ceiling fan
  • Remove dimmer switch
  • Add closet rods
  • Paint radiators

Kitchen/Informal Dining

0% complete

  • Replace industrial light fixture and patch surrounding area
  • Paint ceiling
  • Take down border
  • Paint paneling bright white
  • Replace side door and screen door
  • Change out/paint hardware/fixtures
  • Replace faucet
  • Paint radiators
  • Add peel and stick vinyl tiles on floor
  • Separate main light and dining area light into two different switches
  • Expand pantry all the way to the side door
  • Add in a cabinet/counter between fridge and oven


0% complete

  • Replace subflooring
  • Replace faucet/plumbing/shower head
  • Replace bathtub
  • Remove medicine cabinet over toilet – add more open shelving/towel rack
  • Replace toilet and make sure toilet pipe is not leaking
  • Replace tile
  • Update vanity hardware
  • Replace seashell-shaped counter/sink and faucet
  • Replace floor tile
  • Update vanity light fixture
  • Update industrial light fixture/fan and patch surrounding area
  • Sand and paint ceiling
  • Take down wallpaper and paint bathroom

Colin’s Bedroom






60% complete

  • Paint ceiling
  • Tear out paneling and patch with spackle
  • Paint walls and paneling
  • Caulk paneling and paint trim
  • Paint closet inside
  • Paint radiators
  • Remove brown shag carpet
  • Refinish hardwood


0% complete

  • Paint everything (rafters and underside of main-level floor included) bright white
  • Replace back room door window with plexiglass
  • Add better lighting in cistern
  • Replace broken window in back room – glass blocks in all basement windows?
  • Update bar in back room
  • Fix broken toilet
  • Add water barrier between kitchen plumbing and breaker box (seriously, why did they put the breaker box directly below the kitchen sink???)
  • Replace basement door (something with a frosted glass panel?)
  • Add full panels and banisters to stair rails
  • Concrete stain on floor?




5% complete

  • Replace rotted wood trim/paint other wood trim
  • Repair and paint porch ceiling
  • Power wash siding
  • Add permanent step to front door (steps?)
  • Replace porch railing – change porch railing setup
  • Add front path to porch
  • Box off gas meter from view
  • Update house number and wood paneling on front
  • Paint concrete on front/side of house
  • Take out backyard flower boxes
  • Add a backyard stone patio
  • Add a firepit
  • Add a large garden
  • Stain concrete floor
  • Repair gutters in back
  • Replace lamp post
  • Remove flag pole
  • Prettify the front with flowers, etc.
  • Replace messed up water spigot
  • Fix driveway and seal
  • Fence off side patio and add access door for trash cans

The Big Stuff (depending on Grandma – not financed by us)

The stuff on this list will very much depend on my grandmother since we aren’t buying the house. We don’t mind doing smallish things to help, but these things are much more expensive!

  • Remove old boiler, pipes, and radiators, and add in duct work
  • Install furnace and HVAC
  • Update electrical throughout house
  • Update plumbing throughout house (there isn’t much, but what plumbing there is leaks)
  • Replace all the windows
  • Kitchen remodel
  • Back porch addition
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